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Have you ever:

  • Started an exercise program that you couldn't finish?
  • Tried exercising on your own, but didn't achieve the fitness results you wanted?
  • Gotten so confused with all the training plans on the internet, then never really got started?
  • Wished that one program could help you to achieve your fitness and health goals, so that you could look good and feel even better?


Our Beginner Runner’s Program will teach you:

  • Endurance to improve your pace & fitness
  • Cross training exercises for running-specific strength
  • Stretching exercises for greater flexibility
  • Proper running form & breathing techniques
  • How to train for a race with confidence
  • Proper nutrition for runners

This Program is for you if you are:

  • A walker who would like to start running
  • Just starting to run and want to learn how to do it properly
  • Running on the treadmill and want to take it to the road
  • Able to run again after an extended lay-off
  • Currently able to run or run/walk 1 or 2 miles and want to run farther

Next Running 101 Session begins Fall of 2017

Participants will learn how to run a 5k and graduate by running a race 

Contact your coach today for more information and to sign up!

Stacy 845-742-6468



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