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 Q: Are your Boot-fit classes intimidating?

A: Absolutely not! Our classes are hard, but fun. We have a nice blend of women, men and seniors. Our instructors do not scream and yell in your face, if that is what you are looking for…join the Marines! (Just Kidding) Every Boot-Fit class is different and engaging. All fitness levels can do this…each participant performs at their own pace.


Q: How long are the classes?

A: Our  classes are 60-70 minutes in total.


Q: What do I need to bring to the sessions?

A: Of course, wear comfortable workout attire. Since classes are super calorie burning workouts (750-1,000!) the dry wicking tech shirts are best. 100% cotton shirts will just get wet and heavy. Even in the cooler weather, sweat pants will slow you down, wear shorts. Running type sneakers are best since some workouts include light running. Bring a water bottle, free refills!

Same comfortable attire as above for the Strike-Fit classes. If you have hand wraps, jump rope or gloves, bring them…if not, we have them available.


Q: How soon before I see results?

A: Immediately! As soon as you leave your workout session, you will be tired and sore! Actually, most of our clients experience weight loss and increased energy in one week! That’s only 3 sessions folks, so sign up!


Q: What if I am going to be late or cannot make a scheduled session?

A: You can call 888-90-SWEAT or email us at

Q: Can I get a discount if I sign up for  multiple classes?

A: You bet! When you arrive for your first client consultation or session, we will discuss the advantages with you in person.


Q: Do you offer advice on nutrition and weight loss?

A: Yes! We will, through a consultative approach, discover what is important to you. We will explore goals and your personal objective for getting healthier and more fit.  We will coach and advise…but ultimately the choice is yours.

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